Thank you for visiting Live Lucid. We are currently evaluating how much we would like to share online.

Unfortunately between cold calls, bots and trolls, we are apprehensive to add much contact information. The majority of our business is virtual and we are not interested in expanding beyond our own grassroots efforts. Being a virtual company in 2022 you have to have an online presence, so here we are.

A note to solicitors:

We currently have all the tools and support that we need for our projects. We are not looking to purchase anything new, wanting to increase our “likes”/Followers, upgrade, redesign, or hire anyone. We are not planning to expand beyond our own grassroots efforts. When we do look for new goods, services, and vendors we will do a formal RFP with companies that are B Corp Certified. LEARN MORE about B Certification.

We do not respond to cold calls, email solicitations, or direct mail. We have been effectively marketing for over 20 years and there are better ways to do business that are not annoying, bad for the environment, or disruptive to daily operations.

Thank you for respecting our time and how we do business.

How to contact us:

If you do have a genuine interest in exploring how we can work together on projects that will make a positive impact in the world, please send us an email with the subject line: I live Lucid to [email protected]

Thank you for being curious about us and stopping by. We wish you a really wonderful day!!!!